How do you get theater work?

Since I began playing a long run of Hamilton in Chicago, I’ve been getting similar questions in somewhat random inquiries from people, asking questions similar to these: How did you get this gig?  Did you audition? How does one go about “breaking in” to the theater scene as a musician? What kind of prior experience does... Continue Reading →

Do People Really Notice?

Originally posted 8/19/16 Sometimes when I get asked for my advice about music in performance and practice from students and some professional musicians, I point to musical details that at first might seem small and/or insignificant. An interesting question I hear from time to time is this: "If I pay attention to more details in... Continue Reading →

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Thinking

Originally posted 4/2/13 There are two ways we approach listening to music, and it affects how we think about practicing.  Consider the illustration below. (Picture borrowed from this website--I don't claim ownership of it) On one side, you have a qualitative view of something.  It deals with abstract qualities of something: impressions, feelings, and descriptions. ... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Awareness

Originally posted 12/3/12 A couple of recent lessons have highlighted a critical component of practicing for me. I had a student work through an exercise, playing it mostly correct, except for one added note in the ride cymbal part. It was a very typical coordination error, as the snare was playing on that beat as... Continue Reading →

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